Complete construction management for site preparation, construction, upgrades and commissioning.

Infinigy Construction provides complete turnkey management solutions to build telecommunication structures that both meet and exceed design specifications and client standards. Our teams have constructed thousands of sites for all major carriers including new site construction and network upgrades throughout the United States. They are trained in carrier and OEM specifications, possess up-to-date safety certifications and are equipped with the latest project management and quality control tools.

Infinigy's process provides the construction project management to ensure that client requirements and expectations are met through cost control, reduced construction cycle time and delivering the highest level of construction quality.

Complete Construction Turnkey Solutions

  • Site Acquisition Management
  • Colocation Management
  • A&E Studies and Drawings
  • Zoning, Permitting, and Environmental
  • FAA and FCC Regulatory Compliance Coordination
  • Maximum process efficiencies
  • Overall deployment cost reduction
  • Resourceful planning eliminates delays and redesign
  • Positive results in schedule and quality
  • Solid partner that understands project goals